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19 Apr


Flowers R Us

16 Apr


Standing Watch

10 Apr


It's Only Grass

30 Mar

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The Old Chocolate Factory

28 Mar

grand approach.jpg

When van Leer Chocolates left Jersey City, they left these walls behind.

stairway to heaven, no guitar

Biology humor

24 Mar

My buddy John Wilkins informs us that some biologists have recently bestowed some pretty interesting names. If you want to know what Aussiedraco, Pantydraco, and Pinkfloydia are, visit Evolving Thoughts.


Not All Flowers

19 Mar


Don't look now, but I

17 Mar

think Spring is about the sneak up on us and grow stuff. More transition.


Workin' on the Transition

5 Mar

All that pretty green is algae feeding on phosphates from detergent run-off. The old tire, of course, is a petroleum product, in more ways than one. As for the turtle, he’s just hanging out, getting some sun, and keeping a wary eye out.

Love the one you're with

21 Feb

Weeds too are precious in the Great Transition. Especially when they frame Mother Moon.