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Bipartisan, Ha!

25 Jul

Mimi and Eunice, by Nina Paley


No Integrity Needed

7 Jul


stump speech

8 May

if the stump could speak 
what would it say
if trees had standing in court
would they get their day
if each pol had to speak 
from an actual stump
would we be so quick
to put Nature in the dump

 — Charlie Keil


Grass Roots Organizer

8 May

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All that Stuff Weighing You Down?

21 Apr

Biology humor

24 Mar

My buddy John Wilkins informs us that some biologists have recently bestowed some pretty interesting names. If you want to know what Aussiedraco, Pantydraco, and Pinkfloydia are, visit Evolving Thoughts.


We're in this together

17 Mar

Over the Rainbow and Thru the Woods to Safe Nukes, NOT

15 Mar

Over at the NYTimes Peter Wynn Kirby has kicked off a nice discussion of nuclear disaster in Japanese pop culture, which is what put me in mind of Gojira. The staff here at TPUSA has been reading through the discussion and found one comment to be particularly potent. It’s by Bert from Philadelphia:

Nuclear power is perfectly safe if it is place in a location that we know in advance will be unmolested by earthquake, terrorism, uprising, tornado for the next half century. And that it is made of pure unobtainium* so that the parts never break or wear out unexpectedly. And the software that runs it is bug free. And the operators will never be inattentive, sick, drunk or drugged up, or having sex instead of watching the gauges.

*Jeez, I hope James “Avatar” Cameron hasn’t trade-marked that term.

We need to reclaim art from the dysfunctionality spectrum

25 Feb

When the world’s run by the folks on the right end of the spectrum, everyone else is forced to the left. But, alas, without the benefit of actual art. We need to recover from a world order that forces the spectrum of dysfuntionality on us.

Not What We Have in Mind

23 Feb