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We’re Moving to a New World

In response to peak oil, climate change, and continuing economic crises, we are promoting a Politics of Jubilee through the Truth and Traditions Party. We are for Truth, Traditions, and Transition – and against the tremendous waste encouraged by big corporations feeding at the trough of big government.

In one word, waste is what we are against. Waste of the taxpayers’ dollars, waste of time and energy, waste of talents, waste of resources, waste of topsoil and water, wasted lives in service to corrupt systems. The waste in the Pentagon is legendary, running into many billions annually. Imagine bringing all the troops home to reforest, permaculture, build alternative local technologies and cutting the war budget by at least 10% every year over the next decade. Imagine sending all health, education and welfare budgets back to the states where they belong. Radical decentralization of almost all Federal government functions will take a little time and careful timing to be done rationally, but it can be done. It will save taxpayers trillions of dollars that can be spent on increasing local resilience.

We endorse the seven principles of The Great Transition, which you can read  at Transition United States.

What “transition towns” are doing in the USA can be followed at the Transition United States in the USA and you can locate specific initiatives from this map. Transition activities around the globe can be found at Transition

A list of over 30 conserving consensus aims can be found at Conserving Consensus.

As the Truth and Traditions Party shapes up in each state, constitutions and platforms will phrase these aims, goals, themes differently in each region, state and localities. But the overall goals are simple and clear, to create peaceful and ecologically balanced diversity of political economies that serve the planet and its peoples in every way.


5 Responses to “TnT Party”

  1. Robert David STEELE Vivas January 23, 2012 at 9:52 pm #

    Fascinated by TNT, and wondering how / why it diverges from Green Party. I am one of two Reform Party candidates for the nomination, and am very interested in your thoughts on the coalition cabinet and balanced budget and related policies that a number of us have developed over the past decade. All the comments are open there. Good luck on getting ballot access within this two-party tyranny–if you want a Plan B, please consider us, our objective is to restore Of, By, and For We the People in 2012.

  2. charles keil January 24, 2012 at 10:01 am #

    Hello Robert David,
    Where can we go to digest the basics of the Reform Party, and your positions on the particular issues? We have not attracted a lot of people to our way of thinking, have you? At this point we need a Plan B with some people and cash behind it, thinking that it may be Americans Elect that gives us an opportunity, at the Presidential politics level, to be a catalyst for peace, nuclear disarmament, fiscal conservatism, radicle (rooted) decentralization to localities.
    Does your Plan B have people becoming available for 2 years of Congressional duty this November?
    I personally diverged from years of Green Party work when they adopted left positions on too many issues, missed the opportunity to get beyond the 2 party Punch & Judy show.

  3. Charlie Keil May 1, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

    Dear Bill and Robert David,
    In response to current realities as of this May Day, 2012, I think we need to redefine what we are doing as a process, an action of attraction, a verb, “to party” with a small p for local pleasures. Marilyn French (Beyond Power), Hazel Henderson (beyond economics), Starhawk (spiral dance), and many other eco-feminists from the 1970s and 1980s to the present have been pointing us away from electoral politics, macro-economics and any kind of power-over models for social change.
    Let’s put this “TnT Party” page with these comments in the Archive of Good Intentions. We’re still moving (and grooving) to a new decentralized world in which everything that is “too big to fail” will inevitably fall and fail of its own weight, and local resilience will fill any felt void accordingly. The first paragraph above is the only grandiose and maybe otiose set of sentences that has to be dropped. We’re not getting a Party started and winning seats in the House while the corrupting corporate dollars flow freely.
    But the rest of our rant against waste holds up pretty well. And sending readers to “transition” and “conserving” via links is fine.
    Let’s try to help Roseanne Barr keep her sense of humor and humility at all times, do we what we can to keep the basic truths and traditions alive. “Imagine” starts a couple of key sentences above. I imagined an OMS (Occupy Main St.) demonstration with the Resilience Brass Band for May One in sympathy with Code Pink’s call for a General Strike, and sure enough, the rain stopped at noon right on cue, and 2 sousaphones, 2 drummers supported a wonderful tenor sax player in front of our threatened post office. We sang “Peace is the Way” and “God is Good! ALL the time! She don’t do genocide. She don’t do crime.” Angie passed out anti-tax lit from War Resisters League, Oceana, Close Indian Point, Transition US brochure.
    Maybe we’ll do another OMS stroll on Saturday.

  4. zoe morgan zee May 6, 2014 at 8:17 pm #

    Practicable{!} (~)Instant **True Democracy** for All the World: **A HOW TO**

    Because it gives an equal chance to all combinations of programs {not just parties} Ranked Ballot, “RB”, is the only thing simultaneously both most just & most free. Because it always picks the one most in the middle, RB is more top dead center counter-extremist than all the many recent retrenchments combined (crucially, parliaments by picking their Prime Minister by a preferential vote among their members). The “additive” form of RB is voters ranking candidates in order of preference. The first choices are counted, & then, if no one has 50%, the next choices are added in, & so on, until someone finally does.
    RB (plus the “instant” part, “Organized Communications”, “OC”, small randomly assigned discussion groups electing reps to higher & higher levels, by means of RB, ‘til one small group, most exactly in the middle, remains), will *allow* the entire spectrum, from “sharing the work” (Congress setting a small % whereby each hour’s subsequent wage must be raised above the first hour’s agreed upon rate, so as to create full employment, & end foot dragging, & create a positive incentive to be as productive as possible, workers knowing there’d always be more work) all the way to replacing public education with having to prove you can read to vote (now that learning is universally recognized) & will *give* us Practicable Instant *True* Democracy for All the World, All Powers to Their Lowest Appropriate Level, An Ecological Politics, A PERFECT MARRIAGE OF Rich & Poor, Left & Right, FREEDOM & JUSTICE, Tradition & Modernity, Red, Black & White, Woman & Man, Palestinian & Jew, A Head for the Headless Beast, A Middle Way & even a Real Solution for Bleeding Syria, Ukraine, Central African Republic or wherever’s next.
    What soldier, knowing the demo was for Ranked Ballot, would fire on his fellows? What if any or all the Olympic winners had shown the sign for RB from the podium? RB will give the people a sufficiency of unity of spirit, vision, voice & action for all authentic purposes, but none in any extreme. Could A World-Wide Strike For True Democracy be far behind?
    Please see:,, /preferentiality.

    zoe morgan roman nomran sydney christian zee
    Planet Earth

  5. Charlie Keil May 6, 2014 at 10:02 pm #

    I like the ranked ballot idea, the instant runoff, and, for the time being Open Primaries in California and Washington might help the ever greater number of “independents” become represented in the House.

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