Dear politically active friends and fellow citizens,

Problem: a corporate controlled militarist state “in denial” about 6th Extinction, peak oil, climate change, obsolesence of “war,” AND a polarized-dysfunctional “two party system” incapable of changing anything important for our survival.

Solution: Since 2001 I’ve been thinking and writing about “waging peace” and “conserving consensus” on the basics: top soil, rainforests, ecological restoration, etc. Blogging, circulating brochures, crawling for congress, etc. educates me, but doesn’t organize people. Still, I’ve convinced myself that we need a well-organized, well-financed, Truth and Traditions Party that pulls some votes from the “right” side of the spectrum, appeals to independents and the 100 million eligible voters who are on the sidelines, and can persuade some liberals in a close election between 3 candidates for a House seat.

This Truth and Traditions Party must support:

  1. a non-interventionist, “bring ALL the troops home” (Ron Paul) foreign policy. We are not policing the world, nation-building, waging war when we can’t have our way. Our Democracy is falling apart here. We can’t export by force what we don’t have.
  2. clearly articulated goals for a strictly limited but extremely “cost effective” Global Organization Of Democracies (GOOD), one nation one vote, that meets year round in support of the International Criminal Court, and is focused on peace, justice, air, water, resource issues and preventing resource wars through and public education.
  3. conserving Nature and the Constitution.
  4. clean energy, clean production, clean (‘instant runoff’?) elections.
  5. a heavy stress on “jobs”: Relocalization and Reskilling themes of the Great Transition.
  6. a platform tailored to decentralist “teaparty” trends while speaking Truth to corporate power behind the massive corpstate configuration that currently confronts us.

Let me elaborate just a bit on #6. Many people across the voting spectrum, and some of that huge number of currently non-voting citizens, will be looking for a Party that has a genuine, coherent, reasonable vision of the sustainable future and very specific job-creating plans for how to get there from here. The Great Transition teams (n.e.f. in UK & N.E.I. in USA) need to become think tanks for the Truth and Traditions Party, producing, for examples:

  • plans for reprioritizing research in all university disciplines;
  • plans for returning troops to reforest and permaculture all 50 states;
  • plans for NASA scientists to focus on saving coral reefs, rainforests, etc.
  • plans for “well regulated militias” in each state to stay in that state and never go abroad, crossing state borders only in state-governor-declared emergencies;
  • plans for each state to phase out it’s portion of the “military industrial complex” and phase in “green 20 hour week” jobs for all;
  • plans for “single payer” health insurance within each state;
  • plans for holding state-chartered corporations accountable.

This list could and should become a very long one, inspiring debates within the Truth and Traditions Party and between parties, congressional district by congressional district.

Please help us shape a Truth and Traditions Party in all 50 states that can hold conventions and primaries a year from now in early 2012, and run primaries filled with Truth and Traditions Party candidates in each of the 435 Congressional Districts.

Yours for peace and against waste, Charlie Keil


One Response to “Invitation”

  1. charlie keil February 18, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

    Am I happy to see my invitation on the web? Yes. And I want to respond to it!
    This invitation letter will need a number of revisions as the revolutionary relocalization unfolds. Since the invitation letter was written, the success of the Egyptian people in turning the corner toward democracy marks a turning point for the world. How quickly change can come! And how inspiring change in one country can be! This time, thanks to peak oil, climate change, ecological limits, and the ever more obvious limits of financial manipulations, the “democracy movement” and Great Transition to sustainable localities can’t be stopped.
    Please add your comments here, suggestions for additions, criticisms of the existing invitation.
    Please pass the word on the web and in every locality.
    TransitionPartyUSA is on the way.

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