We need to reclaim art from the dysfunctionality spectrum

25 Feb

When the world’s run by the folks on the right end of the spectrum, everyone else is forced to the left. But, alas, without the benefit of actual art. We need to recover from a world order that forces the spectrum of dysfuntionality on us.


One Response to “We need to reclaim art from the dysfunctionality spectrum”

  1. charlie keil February 26, 2011 at 5:55 pm #

    I know it’s humor, but all four characteristics of “artistic” seem wrong in the sense of not being true to the prevailing stereotype.
    Most people calling themselves artists are control-minded, patiently practicing their craft, editing and reediting, touching up brushwork, trying to “get something right” that they can’t quite define, before they release it to the public. Even Jackson Pollock had to get juiced up to do a long, controlled, “outburst” appearing painting. Jazz masters practice long hours for years to make it sound “effortless” or “easy.”
    The other three characteristics “miss” the funny stereotype target too.
    But, of course, the “lawtistic” disorder is accurately described because we all know a lot of people like THAT. Funny that we didn’t have that word for it!
    “spot it, you got it?”

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