Workin' on the Transition

5 Mar

All that pretty green is algae feeding on phosphates from detergent run-off. The old tire, of course, is a petroleum product, in more ways than one. As for the turtle, he’s just hanging out, getting some sun, and keeping a wary eye out.


2 Responses to “Workin' on the Transition”

  1. Charlie Keil March 5, 2011 at 6:26 pm #

    The Lakeville Journal had a big article on the small and threatened Bog Turtle this week. And all the turtles have an increasingly difficult time finding safe places to lay eggs. Any creature we look at in the increasingly fragile eco-web of Life has a question mark hanging over it.
    A measure of resilience: does every species of turtle have safe nesting grounds in your town, neighborhood, locality?
    I think I have seen downey, hairy, red headed and pileated woodpeckers in Lakeville; good evidence that we have variety and sufficiency of trees and insects to keep the smallest to the biggest woodpeckers fully employed.

  2. kubla March 5, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    The particular turtle in that photo is living in downtown Jersey City within a stone’s throw of a major roadway to and from lower Manhattan. I was, frankly, astounded to see it, and several buddies, sunning themselves on the tires in the pond. When they heard me coming all but this one slipped into the water. I figure this one is standing guard.

    There’s nothing at all ‘safe’ about that pond. But the turtles and ducks and beavers don’t seem to know that. They just hang out.

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