Drone Warfare…Medea Benjamin’s new book reviewed by Lynn Feinerman | Tikkun Magazine

18 Jun

Illuminating the pivotal reason why her articulate book is so very timely, and so very much needed, she informs us that drones themselves are not silent like the press. They are not voiceless. They have a vocal advocacy group in Congress: The Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus. Yes, these machines have their own Congressional caucus!

“It seems that, like corporations, robots are people too…” quips Medea Benjamin. That quip cuts deeply, to the underlying reality of our nation: Dwight D. Eisenhower cautioned us about it. He warned us back in the ’50′s that the US was not disarming after World War II. We chose instead to militarize in order to jump start a lagging post-war economy, sucking our taxes into obscene military budgets, with rampant corporate profiteering from “endless war” manufacture, and with a Congress and Executive branch going right along with the program.

The US is hooked on war. Its so-called “economy” is so tied into the vicious cycle of ravaging the world for oil, feeding the war machine with that oil and our taxes, then going out to ravage again for oil, that the problems of any number of innocent civilians it harms don’t really amount to a hill of beans in most media …as Bogart said in CASABLANCA.

via Drone Warfare…Medea Benjamin’s new book reviewed by Lynn Feinerman | Tikkun Magazine.


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