A Story About Truth, Tradition, Dialog, and Groovology

17 Jun

The following is a presentation of the Truth and Traditions Theatre of Polymorphic Politics, Jumper the Frog and Kong the Gorilla, proprietors. Since the adults are not getting the message, it’s in language suitable for five-year olds.


* * * * *


Scene 1, Kong: Roar, roar, rooaaarrrr!


Scene 2, Jumper: Ribbitt, ribbit, riiibbitt.


Scene 3, Jumper, Kong, and the Purple Dragon of Immanence and Righteousness.

Kong: Whoopsie-doodle gee! Ulp.

Jumper: Whoopsie-doodle gee! Ulp.

The Purple Dragon of Immanence and Righteousness: Eat your vegetables, breath deeply, fart discretely, and learn to dance…Or else…

Jumper: ?????

Kong: ?????


Scene 4, Kong and Jumper.

Kong: Let’s talk about it.

Jumper: I agree, but first…

Together: Let’s have some vegetables! Wheee!

– The End –


2 Responses to “A Story About Truth, Tradition, Dialog, and Groovology”

  1. Charlie Keil June 17, 2012 at 4:50 pm #

    So you’re with the Food First! F.M. Lappe model of the universe. And a good vegetarian.
    I’m with Zorba and the Mother-worshipping Pre-Greeks of those famous mid-sea islands, Dance First and Last said one kid to another.
    Today I was hoping the Greeks would finally opt off the “civilization and progress” highway to nowhere that they put us on a few thousand years ago when they came down the penninsula on horseback talkin’ patriarchy and Father’s Day.
    A few hours ago it looked like a tie between 14 left fragments and a tired, olde “New Democracy” party, i.e. more xaos.

  2. Bill Benzon June 17, 2012 at 5:22 pm #

    Actually, I personally am not any kind of vegetarian at all. But I thought it made a good line for this little story, especially as it is set among vegetables (and flowers and herbs too).

    Upon reflection, though, it seems to me that, as a stand alone, the line needs a different order and emphasis: Breath deeply, eat your vegetables, fart discretely, and improve your dancing,

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