Van Jones Returns, Launches Liberal Alternative to The Tea Party | The Nation

25 Jun

Another hat in the alternative party arena:

According to Jones and MoveOn, the driving forces behind the launch, “Rebuild The Dream” is the Left’s collective effort to use grassroots organizing and new media to challenge the rhetoric coming out of Washington and strengthen the middle class.

Jones is a natural fit to lead the effort. For many Democrats and liberals, he is viewed as a rare pol who can leverage authority, celebrity and purity. His professional and ideological credentials are in good order; he led up Green Jobs for the Obama administration, and was infamously run out of that job after a misleading and race-baiting campaign by Glenn Beck. Jones never sold out — he blew up. …

In Jones’ speech on Thursday, he argued that an active government was critical to building a healthy middle class, regulating responsible employers, and cultivating “good citizens.”  He warned the audience about three “lies” animating the conservative narrative:  America is broke; Taxing the wealthy is bad for the economy; and “Hating” on our government” is actually patriotic.

via Van Jones Returns, Launches Liberal Alternative to The Tea Party | The Nation.


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