Peak Oil and Financial Decline

1 Feb

The Nation has posted a video by James Howard Kunstler on Peak Oil and Our Financial Decline:

From the description of the video:

Kunstler suggests that “cheap abundant energy” has facilitated ever-increasing industrialization for centuries. But now that society is in a period of self-destructive capital accumulation, he expects debt to increase as abundance in energy drops. The tremendous amount of accumulated debt, “a by-product of cheap abundant energy,” will mean that in the future governments will be less able to make investments in socially-beneficial programs.

He also criticizes the US environmental movement for shying away from the problem of energy. The movement is unable to talk about walkable neighborhoods, smaller cities or investing in rail or water transit,  an “intellectual failure of the culture to have a coherent conversation from people who ought to be leading” such a conversation.


One Response to “Peak Oil and Financial Decline”

  1. Charlie Keil February 1, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

    This Kunstler overview of peak oil implications is a great way to start this. Put peak oil together with “climate change” and the oncoming peaks of other increasingly scarce resources . . . . . . . . and one of these months the whole picture changes suddenly and completely! Let’s try to get ahead of energy decline in every single locality. Every town or neighborhood of a few thousand people needs a thought out and thoroughly discussed plan that includes front yard orchards, backyard gardens, “small hydro” energy or the lack of it, water reserves, born to groove and move early childhood education (see Sir Ken Robinson’s on schools and creativity), local grain storage, clay and kiln supplies, composting, etc. etc. and eventually the question — who might represent us in Congress to accelerate decentralization and resilience?

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