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Scores Arrested as the Police Clear Zuccotti Park – NYTimes.com

18 Mar

Scores were arrested Saturday night when protesters marked the 6month anniversary of the initial encampment in Zuccotti Park.

The movement was mainly quiet during the winter, but organizers said they were aiming for a springtime resurgence.

“It’s just a reminder that we’re here,” Brendan Burke said, as the crowd marched past the New York Stock Exchange. “It’s an opportunity to remind Wall Street that we aren’t going anywhere.”

In several respects, Saturday’s march was similar to the inaugural one. The crowd was small but spirited and marched past the bronze sculpture of a bull at Bowling Green, which had served as a mustering spot for the first march. Marchers were accompanied by police officers on foot and on scooters who at one point blocked access to Wall Street, just as they did on Sept. 17.

via Scores Arrested as the Police Clear Zuccotti Park – NYTimes.com.