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Huge Japanese dock washes up on US beach – Channel NewsAsia

9 Jun

What’s the message in this bottle?

PORTLAND, Oregon: A huge floating dock cast adrift by Japan’s killer tsunami has washed up on an Oregon beach, believed to be the biggest piece of flotsam to make landfall on the US West Coast so far.

The 66-foot (20-metre) long rectangular structure, made of concrete and metal, was spotted floating off the coast on Monday, and then washed in with the high tide on Agate beach, 100 miles (160 kilometres) southwest of Portland.

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Japan Revives Kamaishi Breakwater That Crumpled in Tsunami – NYTimes.com

3 Nov

The Fukshima disaster was created by that Japanese CorpState. That CorpState’s still at it:

After the tsunami and the nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima, some Japanese leaders vowed that the disasters would give birth to a new Japan, the way the end of World War II had done. A creative reconstruction of the northeast, where Japan would showcase its leadership in dealing with a rapidly aging and shrinking society, was supposed to lead the way.

But as details of the government’s reconstruction spending emerge, signs are growing that Japan has yet to move beyond a postwar model that enriched the country but ultimately left it stagnant for the past two decades. As the story of Kamaishi’s breakwater suggests, the kind of cozy ties between government and industry that contributed to the Fukushima nuclear disaster are driving much of the reconstruction and the fight for a share of the $120 billion budget expected to be approved in a few weeks.

The insistence on rebuilding breakwaters and sea walls reflects a recovery plan out of step with the times, critics say, a waste of money that aims to protect an area of rapidly declining population with technology that is a proven failure.

via Japan Revives Kamaishi Breakwater That Crumpled in Tsunami – NYTimes.com.