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We Need a ‘Conservative’ Party – NYTimes.com

23 Aug

America today desperately needs a serious, thoughtful, credible 21st-century “conservative” opposition to President Obama, and we don’t have that, even though the voices are out there.

You mean a Conserving Consensus kind of candidate, one who believes in Truth and Traditions?

via We Need a ‘Conservative’ Party – NYTimes.com.


FACT CHECK: Slippery assertions in GOP debate – Forbes.com

24 Sep

Also in Thursday night’s debate, Michele Bachmann misread presidential approval polls and denied making a statement that she actually did make just the week before, concerning a vaccine for girls. Mitt Romney denied supporting an Obama administration education program that he had praised.

& others caught making factual errors, but not Ron Paul.

via FACT CHECK: Slippery assertions in GOP debate – Forbes.com.