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Obama Needs to Think SERIOUSLY Before Committing Us to an Unwinnable War in Syria

28 Aug
Questions for President Obama — Before He Pulls the Trigger on Syria (via Moyers & Company)

Let us posit that the Syrian government did, in fact, order last week’s chemical attack that killed hundreds of Syrian citizens, including women, children and others who had not taken up arms against the Assad regime. In Washington, the eagerness…

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Obama Shouldn’t have Bypassed Congress on Libya

9 Apr

Robert Farley and Michael Cohen argue that it was destructive for Obama to go to war in Libya without consulting Congress: three-minute clip from bloggingheads.tv

Obama Subtly Shifts War Aims in Libya – NYTimes.com

26 May

Obama’s legacy: A third war we have no business fighting. Perhaps he’s merely trapped in the iron logic a half-century old military-industrial complex.

But Mr. Obama suggested on Tuesday that the objective had broadened. “The goal is to make sure that the Libyan people can make a determination about how they want to proceed, and that they’ll be finally free of 40 years of tyranny and they can start creating the institutions required for self-determination.” That is quite parallel to the objective the United States set in Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003.

via Obama Subtly Shifts War Aims in Libya – NYTimes.com.