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The States Get a Poor Report Card – NYTimes.com

20 Mar

The principle of breaking up the Federal Government and turning programs over to the states is a good one. The problem, alas, is that state governments are corrupt, too. The Corpstate is everywhere.

And yet all the Republican presidential candidates think it would be a good idea to hand some of Washington’s most important programs to state governments, which so often combine corruptibility with incompetence. In a speech on Monday, Mitt Romney said he would dump onto the states most federal anti-poverty programs, including Medicaid, food stamps and housing assistance, because states know best what their local needs are.

States, however, generally have a poor record of taking care of their neediest citizens, and could not be relied on to maintain lifeline programs like food stamps if Washington just wrote them checks and stopped paying attention. In many states, newspapers and broadcasters have cut their statehouse coverage, reducing scrutiny of government’s effectiveness and integrity.

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Gravsports: Lama, Red Bull, Cerro Torre

9 Dec

Elite mountain-climbing is a very esoteric sport that doesn’t show up much on TV. But it has it’s own culture, and ethics and aesthetics. It’s about nature and the environment, but it’s also about ecstasy and peak experiences. This is is passage from a longish article about a climbing incident in Patagonai (do you know where that is?):

5. As a climber I’m increasingly looking at my “ethics” not as just what I do while climbing but what my travel to go climbing and my other sports does to the atmosphere and the wilderness places I visit. This is a much bigger problem than whether I use a pin or a bolt, and to pretend otherwise is selective ignorance.

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