How to open up the debate on fracking | New Economics Foundation

10 Sep

Crowd Wise aims to facilitate fair, participative discussions through the following features:

  • A clear question, as a starting point. In this case, the question was, ‘Should we exploit the UK’s onshore shale gas, and if so under what conditions?’

  • Between four and six possible answers to that question are provided, in the form of one page descriptions of a policy option.

  • The participants divide into small groups, with each group advocating for one of the options.

  • Each group’s aim is to win a vote. The vote is a preference vote – this form of voting encourages people who disagree to talk to each other constructively.

  • Each group does this by explaining its option to the other groups, and, if it wishes, amending it, to make it more appealing, and even merging it with one or more others.

via How to open up the debate on fracking | New Economics Foundation.


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