Dear Ron and Dennis: For the sake of the planet and your great-grandkids, kiss and make up! Please!

14 Sep

Charlie first wrote this in the Spring of 2012. A year plus later it makes even more sense for liberals and libertarians to make common cause in stopping wars, celebrating self-determination of peoples, and saving the speciation from ongoing destruction and our own.

Dear Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich,

I urge you to put your respective strengths together on a firm foundation built by back-to-basics Austrian and Buddhist economics. A casual reading of G. Bateson, E. F. Schumacher, John Ruskin, anyone who has thought long and hard about the profound evil embodied in “central banking,” war preparations and “Fed manipulations” everywhere, will give you the tools and bricks you need to build a Reform Party and/or an Americans Elect TEAM based on emergent truths and the oldest traditions.

At the Truth & Traditions website you will find arguments, positions, reports, a Declaration of Interdependence, some of what you will need to create a balanced platform and a beyond-bi-partisan Sunshine Cabinet whose members and many surrogates can campaign with you this summer and fall.

The key to this Sunshine Cabinet is the creation of a Peace Department (Kucinich in charge?) and an Ecology Department (Bill McKibben or Andrew Kimbrell in charge?), each department NEVER to exceed a size sustainable by a quarter of one percent of the current Defense Department budget. In truth, each department needs only a few dozen people to gather up the long-term thinking and best practices of diverse Great Transition communities, colleges, universities, institutes, limited and democratic governments around the world that work for the best interests of their peoples. These two very small and extremely cost-effective departments can shape and pass on as many proposals to Congress, Executive and Judicial branches as are needed.

Dennis, you need to give up on “progress” and “progressive”, the concepts that have come to mean delusional thinking in theory and dangerous arrogance/hubris in practice as “Corpstate” gets larger and larger, devouring the world and destroying species and cultural diversity. All this “technofascism” is done in the name of “progress.” Drop it already. We been there done that.

Ron, you need to realize that “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” (the basis of our Declaration of Independence) are not to be trifled with or trivalized by denying anthropogenic “climate change” or disparaging Nature’s “evolution” in any way, shape or form. Private property becomes more precious, and more protected, and even more sacred, the more we the people in the 50 states and federally can buy up land for: 1) large areas of wilderness (strictly off limits to humans!!) and wilderness corridors; 2) for boonduks (“no man’s land” but men and women may go there for carefully specified reasons, e.g. as shamans or curers on a vision quest, as hermits or tree-sitters, as permaculturists nurturing seeds of endangered species) surrounding wilderness; 3) for public lands, protected watersheds, parks and protected vistas that may abutt or protect the boonduks surrounding the wilderness areas; 4) the enlarged commons or central “green” in villages, public pastures and orchards, public property and parks in urban areas, ALL of which make possible and enhance the value of 5) private property — properly cared for from an ecological perspective, and ever more valuable to owners because of policies and programs #1 thru #4.

Both of you need to get together and define “pro-life” as for Life in all of its diversity of plant and animal species. Ron, I’ve read your somewhat muddled but very moving Challenge to Liberty? and fully appreciate the question mark about abortion rights in the title. I appreciate your opposition to capital punishment and opposition to undeclared wars. You are pro-Life in some of the ways that matter most to me. Dennis, I’m not sure where you are exactly but I know you have been moving toward the Libertarian Party’s planks on privacy and women’s freedom of choice. Now is the time for both of you to rethink and support “planned parenthood”, all forms of contraception, women’s liberation, women’s health, and a global literacy campaign so women can read the labels, etc. etc. because growing “population” is one of the three wheels of destruction in the Bateson booklet (enclosed). In countries with patterns of maximum consumption per capita every child born is both a blessing and a highly leveraged engine of destruction, starting with the tons of convenient “pampers” piling up in landfills.

I am ending this letter with the pampers problem because we don’t know what to do with our shit, our wars, our waste, our nuclear waste, our huge gyre of plastic in the Pacific Ocean, all the millions of kinds of garbage that consumer capitalism, an open fed credit window, longer dieing thru chemistry, affluenza, have generated. Population, technology, and hubris are each autocatalytic and mutually reinforcing.

Congressmen (now ex-congressmen and free to THINK freely), we’re counting on you to pull a TEAM together that will help the USA and humans worldwide stop the wars, the waste, the nuclear radiation, the nuclear armaments, the chemical warfare, the spread of WMD, the fiat currencies, the unnecessary speed and breadth of destruction.

Let us know how we can help you get us out of the 2 Party Corpstate Denial & Deathtrip.


Charlie Keil


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