Christopher Mitchell: We Need Spectrum for Our Communities | Mag-Net

14 Feb

Now, as the federal government decides how to allocate new spectrum that is becoming available, it has to make a decision. Should additional spectrum go to the big wireless carriers, should it expand the potential of unlicensed networks, or should there be a mix?

We think the highest priority should be setting aside spectrum that can be used to create low-cost tools that allow our communities to build their own networks. We do not need a more powerful AT&T or Verizon. Our ability to build networks has been limited by policies that restrict local authority to invest in networks and the monopoly power of incumbent operators. We have been hamstrung by federal policymakers that believe Internet access is best expanded by giving all the resources to a few massive companies controlled by Wall Street.

via Christopher Mitchell: We Need Spectrum for Our Communities | Mag-Net.


One Response to “Christopher Mitchell: We Need Spectrum for Our Communities | Mag-Net”

  1. Charlie Keil February 15, 2013 at 8:34 pm #

    Is this about the radio spectrum too? It would so vitalizing to have small slices of the FM band reserved for differently powered stations serving local communities, watersheds, different constituencies and interest groups.

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