We’re destroying the seas – Salon.com

9 Jul

Why do people become fascinated with big fish, in particular?

There’s something that happens when you encounter something that’s greater than you are. And by “greater” I mean something that in its own right can kind of challenge you or stay even with you or say, “Look, you may be up there in your big boat being human, dominant, but here I am and I’m alone in something the size of an ocean and this is my realm.” It shatters the context in which we always find ourselves, in which we normally operate, and that’s one of the real values of an experience with wilderness, I think, is that it makes us appreciate that the world is a far bigger and far greater place than we normally experience. And we’re changed by an encounter with that. I would say most people who are drawn to fishing are drawn to it because it does something for them. It relaxes them, it puts them in contact with nature and it changes their perspective. And if we don’t have that to go to anymore, we’re going to be in a sorry state. I really believe that.

via We’re destroying the seas – Salon.com.


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