3 Jul

Flower head from a garlic plant. The flowers are hermaphroditic. You know what they smell like?

Is this a trick question?





One Response to “Garlic”

  1. Charlie Keil July 4, 2012 at 2:28 pm #

    Eight reasons everyone should grow some garlic:
    1) it’s easy. Stick a clove of it in the ground, almost any time, but late fall season is best.
    2) Other critters don’t like it and won’t molest it. You get to eat it.
    (2. b. May even prevent critters from attacking plants inside a “fence” of garlic.)
    3. You can cut the fresh scapes off and make saute over pasta with them.
    4. You can let the scapes become flowers and then “seed” or “bulbettes”.
    5. You can harvest mid July or let it fade and winter over if you are lazy.
    6. “garlic is as good as 10 mothers” ( Les Blanck crockumentary film)(in smellorama)
    7. It is definitely DIY and a big part of the Great Transition to localities.
    8. Bill Benzon likes the smell.

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