How to stop world catastrophe – Since You Asked –

12 Jun

There’s always TRANSITION.

What if you could join an army to fight global environmental catastrophe? If you could simply enlist and say, give me whatever I will need to fight this thing, give me a cot, teach me how to fight, and I will fight it?

I’ll bet lots of people would join such an army.

But there is no such army to join.

Perhaps some philanthropist will fund the formation of such an army and equip it to do the kind of fighting that must be done. Until then, millions are faced with the same questions and the same concerns and must individually seek out ways to do their part. You can work for environmental organizations and political organizations and take direct action and send money and sign petitions and talk to your neighbors and many other things, all of which are good things to do, but I am sure many people feel as you do: paralyzed, incredulous.

I wish I had answers. I am, unfortunately, just a writer.

via How to stop world catastrophe – Since You Asked –


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