A Practical or Coalition Strategy for “Truth and Traditions” Party as Paleocon Greens

5 Jun

By Charlie Keil

There is NO split in the Republican Party unless there is a real T for Truth Party that old-fashioned, paleo-conservatives can vote for happily with confidence and in good conserving conscience. By Traditions, plural, we mean the diversity of eco-moralities that once upon a time (pick your pre-industrial era) kept all of us in some kind of balance with “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.” If there is no real TnT Party most of those Ron Paul teaparty voters stay trapped inside the Republican Party at election time. You can guess who will win big in 2012, a divided but ‘big tent’ Republican Party. Same party that elected colorful women to governorships in New Mexico and North Carolina.

I was thinking of Truth & Traditions Party as a 4th Party last year (2011), one that could replace the Republican Party over time, while the Green Party or Working Families Party could try to replace the Wall St. controlled Democratic Party. Now, in June 2012 it has become clear that corporate control of the one party system (hyper-polarized to “save the appearance” of a “2 party system”) is complete. The “free speech” of “corporate persons” is the only speech we will hear on the mainstream media from now on. The Greens have a chance to become the rational, creative, and healing 3rd party that can not only appeal to the 100 million alienated non-participants who have been on the sidelines for decades, but can also steadily pull in the huge numbers of independents (who are now an equal third, or more, of active voters in most districts) by picking up the more than 10% of the Republicans who wanted Ron Paul and running with the End the Fed and End the Empire ball. There is just one shift that the Greens have to make toward the decentralist radical right and you have a great, new, sure-to-win party!

Let me state the goal once again.

We win by combining:

1) the Ron Paul non-interventionist “bring ALL the troops home” and “End the Fed” folks who tend to be old & wise or young and idealistic — we need those generations either side of the bombing baby boomers;

2) the sincere fiscal and moral conservatives tired of unaffordable, unending, bankrupting wars;

3) half or many more of the Independents;

4) a chunk of the 100 million + “alienateds” returning to politics to vote their 9th-Amendment-protected conscience in a crisis;

5) just a small % of Democrats who see local, decentralized, transition initiatives as the only hope or the best hope for the sustainable future.

That big voting block (especially #3 and #4) is out there, and it doesn’t need ex-Democrats (or what the Democrats call ‘Nader traitors’) to win big. Winning is possible. Blowing away the horrible and completely phony polarizations that have gripped the imaginations of both left and right, can only be done fast enough if Green leadership sits down and gets serious and sincere about the 10 key values with constant emphasis on #5 = Decentralization.

It will take a lot of word of mouth grass roots activism to get around The Media and their multiple Weapons of Mass Distraction. Corporations own the two parties, the electoral process, the “deep polarization,” the media, the wars, the works. A Truth & Traditions jubilee party is one answer to the corpstate monolith that wants more wars to keep the “military industrial-governmental-media complex” going, more nuke power plants to further poison the waters, air and land for profit; more planet plundering that diminishes the speciation and crushes all Life on this planet.

Peak oil, peak potable water, peak everything, climate change and global storming, over-borrowing on a non-existent global economy future, will bring this State=US quo system down soon.

What will replace it? Clean local energy, clean local production, fresh local food, 10% of present global economy, 10% of present Federal government (end the warfare/welfare state), minimum single payer health insurance in each of the 50 states, 20 hour work week and full employment, best possible recreation and education in each neighborhood.

So yes to down sizing everything that is “too big to fail”, yes to local direct democracy and libertarian-socialism (the only kind that works), yes to ENERGY CONSERVATION, super-efficiency, turning off the lights, the computers, the stand-by appliances, at night. Yes to everything green and blue that common sense and common decency require of us for joyous living. Chill globally. Groove locally.

Please check out the “Declaration” “Invitation” etc. at Truth and Traditions Party on the web.

P.S. Greens have the perfect remedy or correction of Ron Paul’s glaring faults using the 10 key values. So the emphasis this summer must be on ballot access in middle America, the farming states, and getting the word out to disappointed Ron Paul and tea party people.

YES to End the Fed, End the Empire, is easy enough for the Greens to do.

But YES in thunder to phasing out the Federal Education Department and Every Child Left Behind may take some platform changes, I don’t know.

YES to phasing out Obamacare and trying to get single payer or something very close to it going in every state.

YES to phasing out most of the 14 or 16 “intelligence” agencies (some with bigger budgets than the CIA!) Initiate Open Source intelligence gathering!! ! ! !

YES to lowering Federal budget, Federal bureaucracies and Federal taxes 10% a year over 8 years.

YES to the GOOD (Global Organization Of Democracies) one nation one vote, to reform or replace the failed UN that has never tried to stop a genocide-in-progress.

The needed Peace Department and Ecological Balance Departments could both be very, very, very small, less than a half of 1% of the declining Defense Dept. budget.

YES to a sunshine cabinet with a great variety of possible Secretaries for this and that.

ALL Green candidates need to be hammering away at shrinking the federal government, lowering taxes and eliminating IRS within a few years.


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