28 May

The Chestnut Burr

Listening to David Barton yesterday at Highlands made me feel like Sunday was Memorial Day.  After that good dose of Godly American history, I feel sad today.  Today’s sadness, on Memorial Day proper, isn’t for all the fallen heroes, it’s for all us Americans that have been left behind.

It is so ironic that men and women, in so many military campaigns, have lost their lives defending our freedom, and the rest of us let our politicians take it away after 9/11.  Our Constitution has been so watered down it barely exists.  The Patriot Act, along with other legislation, have taken away many of the rights we all hold dear!

  • Freedom from unreasonable searches… gone!
  • Right to a speedy and public trial… gone!
  • Freedom of association… gone!
  • Right to legal representation… gone!
  • Freedom of speech… gone!
  • Right to liberty… gone!

This is the way it now is – video! …

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