Joel Sartore’s Photos of Biodiversity Across the United States –

12 May

Joel Sartore has been a conservation photographer for more than 20 years, shooting primarily for National Geographic. About seven years ago, he brought his gear into a makeshift studio and began working with zoo-raised animals, most of which have biologists and handlers tending to their every need.

But even with lighting and trainers, he learned, things can go terribly wrong.

This is, after all, the animal kingdom.

A video on Mr. Sartore’s Web site documents his travels to, and trials at, zoos across the United States — concluding with a chimp who, somewhat gleefully, tears down the white background Mr. Sartore was using for the shoot.

“The chimp won,” Mr. Sartore said.

via Joel Sartore's Photos of Biodiversity Across the United States –


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