Gary Johnson, the anti-war 2012 candidate –

10 Apr

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is branding himself as the anti-war candidate of the 2012 campaign, dismissing both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as standard-bearers for “interventionism.”

Johnson, who dropped out of the GOP primary and is now seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination, said opposition to the war in Afghanistan represents a potent force in presidential politics — one that neither major-party candidate is in a position to channel.

“Get out tomorrow,” Johnson said in an interview with POLITICO. “We should have gotten out of Afghanistan 11 years ago. Eleven years ago! Romney is saying we should stay in Afghanistan until the mission is accomplished. What does that mean?”

Obama, on the other hand, has “doubled down” on an unpopular and directionless war, Johnson said. What’s more, he warned that the White House could try to gain electoral points with a strike on Iran before the November election out of a “political calculation … that bombing Iran shows strength.”

If Johnson wins the Libertarian nomination next month, he would become the only general-election candidate with a down-the-line stance against the unpopular war. For a long-shot third-party candidate, who will essentially be campaigning for a place in the fall debates, Afghanistan is conceivably the kind of issue that could draw national attention to an underdog effort.

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One Response to “Gary Johnson, the anti-war 2012 candidate –”

  1. LibertarianGirl April 10, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    Yes, but are Gallup, Rasmussen, CNN, CNBC, ABC and CBS going to acknowledge Johnson exists and include him in the polls so if he reaches 15%, he can join Obama and Romney on the presidential debate stage,or will these polling organization purposefully keep Johnson out of the polls in order to skew the results. Unfortunately, when these polling organizations mislead the public into thinking there are only two choices, Johnson as a candidate will never enter their minds. Let’s hope these polling organizations aren’t shills for Obama or Romney and let Johnson’s name be included in the polls.

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