How the rich took over airport security – Transportation Security Administration –

23 Mar

Score another win for the Corpstate. The war on terror is a scam to funnel more tax money into the military-industrial complex and to exert more and tighter control over US citizens. Now the rich are being given free front-row seats at TSA security theater in airports. Airlines allow fatcats to go to the head of the line and the government’s testing a program that does the same.

In other words, if you do not fly frequently — and most low-income and middle-income Americans cannot afford to — you would not be allowed to take part in this public government program. In true crony capitalist fashion, the precheck program blurs the line between the government’s security function and the airlines’ purely commercial frequent flier programs.

The precheck program is advertised as an experimental program, holding out the possibility that after a period in which they are subject to more scrutiny than affluent business travelers, low-income grandmothers traveling to visit their grandchildren at last will be able to take part. More likely, the precheck program would never be extended to the masses rather than the classes. It would simply become another permanent perk of the elite, whose members would have no incentive to lobby for democratizing the program — rather the contrary.

via How the rich took over airport security – Transportation Security Administration –


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