Nassim Taleb Endorses Ron Paul

13 Mar

Nassim Taleb is an economist and a student of risk. And that’s why he’s endorsing Paul. “Only one candidate, Ron Paul, seems to have grasped issues and is offering the right remedies for the central problems we are facing.” Only Paul understands the economic risks the Republicrat CorpState is creating. Paul’s addressing structural problems in the economy. The others are dulling the pain with Novocain; Ron Paul’s going for the cure with root canal.

According to Taleb, Paul is the only one with the right policies for the “Big Four”:

  1. Deficits: Rampant bureaucracy is feeding on itself and running up costs
  2. The Fed: Paul is “the only one with the guts [to go after it].”
  3. Militarism: Another self-feeding institution.
  4. “America is about resilience and you don’t achieve that with buy-outs. You need a certain rate of failure.”

3 Responses to “Nassim Taleb Endorses Ron Paul”

  1. Nena Vincent April 7, 2012 at 4:19 pm #

    Just found your site. Seems you, too, are looking for a positive Black Swan event to turn things around. Your site has said positive things about Ron Paul. I am not that good of a writer and my post today to The Daily Paul fell off the page before being read. Thought I’d post it here as I would love to have a comment and am looking forward to Taleb’s upcoming fundraiser for Ron Paul.

    We Know:

    -Both parties are controlled by fraud.
    -Votes (diabold and paper) are compromised by fraud.
    -The electoral college is and always has been yet another means to control the vote.
    -Approximately 20 years required (which we don’t have) to change the Republican Party from inside.
    -Republican Party will not allow Ron Paul to be the nominee and the Revolution of Ideas, knowledge, and
    wisdom has not spread YET to the extent where the media controlled- majority of people would even understand Ron Paul as nominee.

    We Know:
    -The roots of American’s Elect (Soros controlled) is not a viable alternative as most of us do not trust it.
    -An independent run allows more time to spread the message during the best time ie an election year; however, the media would not cover him any more as an independent than it does as a Republican.
    -We have made great headway into the Republican Beast to transform it from the inside which should be continued.

    All the above may sound negative, but is it … really?

    We Know:
    -There is a revolution of ideas, TRUTH, and knowledge and it is growing exponentially.
    -The first real leader has emerged and his primary goal is to educate us to carry on.
    -The most energetic, informed and motivated are those whose futures are most at stake because their future is all ahead of them.
    -This movement has support of many people all over the world and this support is also growing exponentially.

    This opportunity is unprecedented.

    We Know:
    -The Republican Party is afraid of us.
    -The Democratic Party is afraid of us.
    -The controllers of the media are afraid of us.
    -The controllers of all of the above are afraid of us.

    Obviously, we are feared as the *intelligentsia* associated with past cultural revolutions. We join the ranks of many imprisoned all over the world historically who fought for revolutions of ideas. We are feared because we are the *only* event they do fear. We know who and what *they* are. They know who and what we are.

    Given what we know, the unprecedented opportunity, and the fear we have caused in the controllers, what would be the next move? I suggest three things to nudge the Positive Black Swan:

    -First, a continuation of the College events. Local media apparently CAN be forced to cover these events when the numbers attending and the enthusiasm exhibited can’t be ignored. Think locally.
    -Second, a well constructed manifesto signed on-line and taken to each event where people sign (only once) and take copies to others to sign. Each one reach one…or hundreds. Our manifesto watered down ends up being the Bill of Rights as everything we are against should be protected by the Bill of Rights. In signing, one would also swear to fight and educate peers and the children for as long as it takes to win our country back.
    -A We The People Endorsement of Liberty run much like a Presidential Election or Primary. It would not so much be endorsing Ron Paul as endorsing Liberty with all the changes real liberty entails.
    -Not being an election for a person, it COULD also be funded by Liberty Lovers all over the world who recognize it is their opportunity as well.
    -Our “delegates” and Republican Party entrenchments would not be compromised in their future efforts; however, would be the backbone or organizational foundation of taking the movement to every precinct in the country. In voting for Liberty, you are voting against ALL the powers that be.

    Are we organized enough to start setting that up now to follow the Republican Convention? No matter what the outcome of the convention, it would only boost Ron Paul’s efforts and further the message of liberty while protecting our base (those who might otherwise lose hope) and guaranteeing that we continue to grow exponentially.

    Any ideas or is this too out-of-the-box? We need to start thinking out-of-the-box to nudge the Black Swan.

  2. Charlie Keil April 7, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    There is so much fear running so many games people play to feel safer or saner or slightly better off or . . . . . that I’ve come to the conclusion that working the web for possible allies, building an alternative to CorpState RepubliCrats, is just not going to happen fast enough to make a difference in this year’s elections. The SuperPacs have the ability to stiffle dissenters, alternatives, any groups or any individuals, by calling up more and more money, as needed, to smear opponents and/or flood the media with adverts saying the Big Lies over and over and over again.
    I know I’ll hear about it if something is happening nationally, or in House district races, that we can support with posts, blogs, flyers, Occupy Main St. demos on ALL the main streets of America. If the big change is going to happen, it will happen locally everywhere at once, people simply opting out, walking away from big media, from militarism, from Big Business Running Everything as USual, from dominance values to “All Ways for Pleasure!”

  3. Nena Vincent April 7, 2012 at 11:45 pm #

    It’s a very big mess alright! Thanks for responding and glad you liked Yves’ music.

    Romney will, of course, be the Republican nominee. The only question is whether the plan is for him or O”Bama to “occupy” the White House as PR front man and take orders from TPTB. The incredible youth movement needs to keep on growing and I think it will, but without the media. Have you seen this?

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