The Uriah Principle & Environmental Destruction

16 Feb

The Chestnut Burr is using the story of David and Bathsheba as a way of thinking about how our leaders have put their own interests ahead of environmental stewardship. David, as you’ll recall, saw Bathsheba and decided he wanted her for himself. But, she was married to Uriah. So David abused his power to ensure that Uriah became isolated in battle and thus dies. Now David could have Bathsheba. However:

This is really the beginning of David’s kingship and family becoming unraveled. Bathsheba’s child dies and David’s son Absalom turns against him. It became a very sad time for Israel, all because of a ruler who put personal desires ahead of his subjects and God’s laws.

The rulers today who have decreed it’s okay to dump megatons of aluminum and barium into our skies, land, and lungs are guilty of the same. They have put themselves on false thrones and decreed their desire outweigh ours. They are stealing our good earth and turning it into a wasteland that only Genetically modified organisms from Monsanto can grow in. Those GMO’s make populations sterile, sick, and will eventually kill us all through weakened immune systems!

via The Uriah Principle « The Chestnut Burr.


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