College Life, Enlistment and the ‘Real World’ –

31 Jan

…whatever problems may arise in the transition from civilian to soldier — and, later, soldier to civilian — the lessons I learn in the Army, such as discipline, responsibility, and loyalty, will help me accomplish any goal. I will be able to look back and see photos of myself making a difference, meeting challenges, living my life — which is a lot better than photos of some college kid with half-closed eyes and a red plastic cup in each hand.

I’ll be 20 when I enter basic training, a middle-class independent voter who signed up for an enlisted infantry slot in the Army. I hope to deploy to fight a war I hope ends on time in 2014; perhaps in the name of a Republican president I’d rather not have in the White House. I’ll have to get up early while my civilian friends are sleeping in before their first classes.

About the author: “Jonathan Wertheim lives in Brunswick, Maine, and attended Hampshire College for one year before deciding to join the military. He enlisted in the Army as an infantryman on Dec. 7, 2011, and leaves for basic training in the spring.”

via College Life, Enlistment and the ‘Real World’ –


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