Tell Congress: Don’t roll back defense spending cuts

29 Jan

Tell Congress: Don’t roll back cuts to defense spending.

It’s undeniable that we have a grotesquely bloated military budget. Even with the reductions, the United States will be on track to spend more on defense than the next ten countries combined.2

Yet Republican Rep. Buck McKeon has just introduced a bill that will substitute a reduction of the federal government workforce by 10% in place of the first year of mandatory cuts.3 And this will likely be the first of many attempts to change the law to shield military spending.

Republicans and some Democrats are now saying that the sky will fall if we do not exempt the Department of Defense from mandatory spending cuts – even as they insist that our deficit is such a problem that we must make brutal cuts to Medicare and Medicaid

Click the link and sign the petition!

via Tell Congress: Don’t roll back defense spending cuts.


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