C Steele on the Issues (2012) | We The People Reform Coalition

26 Jan

Robert Steele is running for nomination as the Reform Party’s presidential candidate in 2012. Here’s bullet points on his views in two out of 20+ policy areas. It’s a very promising list and should be read thoughtfully.

Robert Steele on Abortion

* This is a matter best left to the states

* Birth control medications should be available by prescription across the land

* In cases of rape and incest, woman’s right to avoid biological enslavement

Robert Steele on Budget & Economy

* Our biggest problem is a corrupt Congress and the corrupt two-party bi-opoly

* Holding banks accountable for speculation and fraud is essential

* Moratorium on all foreclosures and evictions – insure America from the bottom up

* Full year of paid training for every unemployed person, instead of bailing out banks

* FULL EMPLOYMENT is our primary objective, INFLATION our primary enemy

via C Steele on the Issues (2012) | We The People Reform Coalition.


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