Panetta’s Sacred Hippopotamus | The Nation

3 Jan

Fact is, to reduce spending, major defense systems will have to end, the size of the U.S. Army and Marines will have to be dramatically reduced, enormous cuts will have to be made on salaries, pensions and health care benefits for troops and military retirees, and America’s vast worldwide system of bases oversea must be slashed. In slow-motion recognition of that fact, the Defense Department is already planning to shrink the army and Marines, and to shift planning away from land wars and counterinsurgency wars to power-projection via the air force and navy. Some of that, naturally, will be designed to build up U.S. forces in the Pacific to counter China, a fool’s errand if there ever was one – especially since China’s military is unable to do much outside its borders and lacks anything close to American technology. Far better to find a peaceful accommodation with China that recognizes Beijing’s legitimate national security interests and that doesn’t seek to sustain American hegemony in the Far East.

via Panetta’s Sacred Hippopotamus | The Nation.


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