Why young voters love Ron Paul – 2012 Elections – Salon.com

28 Nov

First, whereas in earlier eras such establishment hostility to a politician’s position could prevent that candidate from making a serious run for president, polls show Paul’s foreign-policy message is likely getting through to a key demographic, giving him a genuine shot at his party’s nomination.

Second, whether Paul eventually wins the GOP nomination or not, the trends embedded in his current electoral coalition will affect our politics long after his candidacy is over — and even if you don’t support Paul’s overall candidacy, that’s a decidedly positive development for those who favor a new foreign policy.

via Why young voters love Ron Paul – 2012 Elections – Salon.com.


One Response to “Why young voters love Ron Paul – 2012 Elections – Salon.com”

  1. Charlie Keil November 28, 2011 at 4:52 pm #

    I like the way Sirota focuses on young people tired of the “hubris and hypermilitarism”, and how angry they are that the “Defense” budget (which should really be called the “aggression” budget) has already bankrupted the country. It now threatens to destroy any possibility of forgiving student loans, balancing the budget, paying off the national debt.
    Many years ago I used to spray paint military spending statistics on the park roads of Buffalo so that joggers and walkers would look down and realize that 3 days of military spending could give full tuition scholarships to all students at the 50 state universities. Many European countries support all their students in higher education. They don’t have bloated and bankrupting military corporations feeding at the tax trough.

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