Occupy Wall Street Library Removed as NYPD Evicts Protesters

15 Nov

If true, it’s a crime that speaks loudly, very loud:

Fliers were handed out during the protester removal, according to several reports, with a message from Brookfield Properties (the owner of Zuccotti Park) and the City of New York telling protesters to remove all property immediately or it would be taken and stored in a Department of Sanitation facility at 650 West 57th Street in Manhattan. Property could be picked up by owners with proper identification as of noon today, according to the notice.

It is unknown if the library books were taken to that site. A post on the Occupy Wall Street Library website said that “it was clear from the livestream and witnesses inside the park that the property was destroyed by police and DSNY workers before it was thrown in dumpsters.”

via Occupy Wall Street Library Removed as NYPD Evicts Protesters.


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