Wall Street: The Dead Face of Domination

9 Oct

IMGP4452rd - The Face of Domination

Look at those huge buildings. What do they say? What do they express?

Only one of them, the smallest one, at the lower right, has any articulation (detail, action) on its surface. The others, smooth, glassy, slick.


Those buildings are in New York City’s financial district (aka Wall Street). That’s where the captains of finance manipulate our world while playing ‘King of the Hill’ against one another. They’re keeping score with our money, while we go without health care, without pensions, without hope for our children and grandchildren.

The design of those buildings speaks volumes. Clean and slick, very smooth and efficient. But completely out of scale with human life. That’s what the lack of articulation in the surface says, nothing at human scale.


We don’t have to wait for the future in which the machines take over. They already have.

Those buildings are the machines. They are the Borg. We ARE living in The Matrix. We are nothing but feedstock for the adolescent games those machines play with one another.

See those people down front, left of center? That’s us, the 99%, the feedstock, as it were. See the foliage, the foliage that breaths life into the air by transforming the sun’s energy into bioenergy? More feedstock for the Borg Buildings.

Now, look at the building at the right, the one under construction. That’s One World Trade Center, aka Freedom Tower. It’s replacing the Twin Towers of World Trade Center. It will be huge, the tallest building by far. It’s supposed to be a symbol of our nation’s resilience in the face of cruel destruction, a symbol of freedom.

But that’s not what it is. What it IS is another one of those faceless towers of domination. It will be the biggest of them all. It will dominate the dominators.

It says: This is OUR world. You and I may think that “our” refers to We the People. But it does not, it refers to “we the bankers.” It’s their world and they have used our patriotism to scam us, We the People, into paying for it.

It’s time for us to stop playing their game. We are not feedstock for their adding machines. We are human beings. Living beings. We live, breath, and yes, we die. Let us do so with style and dignity.

Those people, the plants, where are they? you ask.

Liberty State Park.

We’re born in a state of liberty. It is our inalienable right to live in a state of liberty. It is time for us to reclaim our birthright.

IMGP4476es - Liberty Flowers


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