The Cronyism Behind a Pipeline for Crude –

4 Oct

FOB used to mean Friend of Bill (Clinton). Has it now become Friend of Barry (Obama)? Is the federal government run by a circle of friends who are enemies of the environment and thus enemies of their children and grand children and of ours?

But instead of listening to bright people like Mr. Hansen who know what they’re talking about, our government’s staffers are blowing kisses at lobbyists. That’s exactly why cronyism is such a problem. The people writing these e-mails don’t have expertise — they have connections. If this is happening in the State Department, why should we not assume it’s also going on in the Treasury Department’s dealings with the big banks, and just about everywhere else in government?

It really does seem extra shocking in the Obama administration. Dick Cheney’s sitting down with the energy barons was almost expected — he’d just quit as chief executive of the drilling company Halliburton, after all. But Barack Obama said he would “end the tyranny of oil”; he also said he was going to end back-room dealing. His decision about the Keystone pipeline project, which is expected by year’s end, seems like one last chance to show he actually meant it.

via The Cronyism Behind a Pipeline for Crude –

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