We're in Transition!

23 Apr

Not just yet, but in a couple of days.

After thinking about it and talking with some folks, Charlie and I decided that the Transition Party USA needs a new name. As we’ve already explained, our basic idea has been to build on the already flourishing Transition movement, which is intensely local, and to been knitting it into a national party. It has become apparent, however, that these thriving local initiatives flourish best without the stress and strain of a national political conversation. Given that, we felt that our use of the name “Transition Party USA” would led to unhelpful confusion and cross-talk as we grew.

So we have decided on a new name: Truth and Traditions Party. Notice the “s” in “traditions.” The mission and message remain the same, to move forward while conserving what is best in our many legacies. We want sustainable energy and economic policies; local growth, control, and initiative; an end to the wastefulness of war; and an end to corporate profiteering.

In a few days we’ll be relocating to a new blog. We’ll post the move on this blog and this blog will remain on the web, but will be inactive. All new material will go on the blog for the Truth and Traditions Party.

See you there.

Bill and Charlie

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