We’re Evolving to a New World

14 Feb

About the Truth and Traditions Party USA

In response to peak oil, climate change, and continuing economic crises, we’re organizing a Truth and Traditions Party in all 50 states this year, 2011, so that we can hold primaries and run or endorse candidates in all 435 Districts for the US House of Representatives in 2012. Our modest aim is to become a “decisive” or log-jam breaking party in the House. If, for example, there were 214 Republicans elected and 209 Democrats, our 12 TNT Representatives could exert great leverage for Truth, Traditions, Transition legislation – and against the tremendous waste encouraged by big corporations feeding at the trough of big government.

In one word, waste is what we are against. Waste of the taxpayers’ dollars, waste of time and energy, waste of talents, waste of resources, waste of topsoil and water, wasted lives in service to corrupt systems. The waste in the Pentagon is legendary, running into many billions annually. Imagine bringing all the troops home to reforest, permaculture, build alternative local technologies and cutting the war budget by at least 10% every year over the next decade. Imagine sending all health, education and welfare budgets back to the states where they belong. Radical decentralization of almost all Federal government functions will take a little time and careful timing to be done rationally, but it can be done. It will save taxpayers trillions of dollars that can be spent on increasing local resilience.

We endorse the seven principles of The Great Transition; read about them at Transition United States.

What “transition towns” are doing in the USA can be followed at the Transition United States in the USA and you can locate specific initiatives from this map. Transition activities around the globe can be found at Transition Network.org. Movement catalyst Rob Hopkins talks about Transition (17 min.).

A list of over 30 conserving consensus aims can be found at Conserving Consensus.

As the Truth and Traditions Party shapes up in each state, constitutions and platforms will phrase these aims, goals, themes differently in each region, state and localities. But the overall goals are simple and clear, to create peaceful and ecologically balanced diversity of political economies that serve the planet and its peoples in every way.


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