What’s Resilience Look Like?

4 Mar

[From an older edition of the Transition Primer. You can find the latest edition here.]

So how might you be able to tell that the resilience of your community is increasing? Resilience indicators might look at the following:

  • percentage of food grown locally
  • amount of local currency in circulation as a percentage of total money in circulation
  • number of businesses locally owned
  • average commuting distances for workers in the town
  • average commuting distance for people living in the town but working outside it
  • percentage of energy produced locally
  • quantity of renewable building materials
  • proportion of essential goods being manufactured within the community of within a given distance
  • proportion of compostable “waste” that is actually composted
  • percentage of local trade carried out in local currency
  • ratio of car parking space to productive land use
  • amount of traffic on local roads
  • percentage of medicine prescribed locally that have been produced within a given radius.
  • amount of 16 year olds able to grow 10 different varieties of vegetables to a given degree of competency
  • percentage of local building materials used in new housing developments

Adding to the list:

  • cisterns per capita
  • How many seed savers per capita in your “transition” community?

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